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Escape Artist

Madison proved herself once again to be a great escape artist. We had left her in Melissa’s backyard and headed to the ball game. We had just gotten to the arena when Wade’s dad (Madison’s vet) called.

Someone had found her. She had escaped Melissa’s backyard and was in a neighbor’s backyard. Wade offered to go get her and take care of her. It turns out that Melissa’s backyard is great, as long as the fence is securely latched. Wade put Madison back in and she spent the rest of the day there without incident.

The championship game today was between South Carolina (my new team) and Florida. We all rooted for USC and they came close, so close. In the end, USC lost by two points. It was a great game though! And then we had our nice long drive back to Anderson. We have arrived safely and are about to start chores – yuck!

  1. Please don’t tell me you’re a South Carolina fan now… that’s terrible…

  2. This is just for basket ball, but I am expanding my horizons. I have GaTech in the ACC and USC in the SEC (except when I am at the tournament when I am for UK). Wade and I both decided we liked USC since everyone around us cheers for Clemson.

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