Madison / Toadfrogs

A Pouting Madison

Madison has gotten a little more aggressive in her begging. Initially she would sit by the table and wait till we were done. Then she would get a small bite. Now anytime there is food she sits, but soon tires, and puts her head on your leg. That’s cute the first couple times, but it gets annoying. Especially when she does it to company. Wade has been making her staying her kennel while we eat and she isn’t happy about it.

  1. Aww, she looks so sad! Lady is bad about begging and she even goes so far as to put her paw in your lap. If you’re not careful, she will use her paw like a hand and pull your hand down from your mouth and pull it towards hers!

  2. I can just see Madison learning that maneuver. I am still trying to get her to sit when someone comes to the door…

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