Blue Lights and a Siren

Well the movers came today. They were quite a bit late (evidently they got stuck in Lebanon, TN), but they arrived en mass and got right to work. Now I have boxes everywhere, but I didn’t have to do any of it myself! The only thing broken in the packing was a ramekin, which I happen to have a million of. The woman was so apologetic, which was nice, but I showed her how many there were. She laughed.

My car is filled to the top. I can only see out the side windows, which makes backing up a little difficult. Wade and I decided to stay at a hotel tonight since our mattresses are in boxes. I was following him and at some point realized there were flashing blue lights behind me. The cop was in a mustang and so low to the ground that I never saw him – especially without my rear view mirror. Anyway, I got a ticket (boo hoo) – who gets a ticket following someone??

The evening was saved with a trip to Maggiano’s with some good friends. Once we were all at the right restaurant, we had a great time with lots of laughs. There was much discussion on whether sharks were mammals or fish. Ryan used the power of the internet (after he got home) and confirmed his belief that sharks are indeed fish. Evidently the true test for being a mammal is that they nurse their young. Wade thought it was live birth. And now it is past my bedtime!

  1. So what, exactly, did you get pulled over for?
    This all sounds suspiciously like a story Wade told me about a trip he took between Atl and TN. The full car. The cop. Moving. Very very similiar.
    Also, shame on you guys for not knowing that sharks are fish. Everyone knows that the largest fish in the sea is the Whale Shark. Didn’t you guys read ‘Ranger Rick’ growing up!?
    Finally, with this added bit of info about mammals nursing their young, I think the term ‘mammary gland’ has a bit more context, don’t you think?

  2. It is very similar to Wade’s story except he got pulled over for his car being full. My cop didn’t mention how full my car was. He just wanted to give me a ticket.
    Mammary gland may be the proper term, but Wade wanted to use the word “Teet” in the conversation…..

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