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Fire Fire

I have determined that the only reason people rake leaves is so they can make a big pile and then burn them. (Fire is so fascinating.) My family always mulched the leaves or occasionally burned them. No bagging leaves for us. (To be honest, I didn’t really have much to do with yard work growing up. This is all a new experience.)

I can finally say we are done raking leaves, but it took me three entire days spread over a four week period. This Saturday all I had left was the front yard. Wade and I got our rakes and the tarp and started raking. We would drag the leaves to the fire pit in the back yard and then watch them burn. We quickly realized that the burning was taking longer than the raking. We decided to make a big pile of leaves near the fire pit and I could burn them at night during the week. As we were bringing our last trip to the backyard, we looked up to see our spare pile of leaves on fire. It was a huge blazing inferno! We definitely wouldn’t have planned that but it made the burning process much faster.

Jamie came over tonight to have dinner and make sugar cookies with us. I am constantly looking for new recipes for pork chops and finally found one to try out. The glazed pork chops were pretty good. But on to the good stuff. I had bought some colored sugar cookie dough (red, yellow, blue, and green) from a friend selling it for her school and wanted it out of the freezer before we moved. Because I only have one heart cookie cutter, we decided to make this an all-holiday event. We used every cookie cutter I had – Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and the odd ones. The cooking and decorating was a lot of fun, but the cookies weren’t so good. There is definitely not enough sugar in the sugar cookie dough.

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