Madison / Toadfrogs

A Fun Filled Night

After a hard day of work, or something like that, I came home just wanting to finish my book. Having both Madison and Wade at home, I decided to take a bath. Wade, being his normal self, decided to contribute with a Sponge Circus. (You remember those pill-like capsules that you put in warm water? The outer part dissolves leaving the sponge shapes behind).

Wade and I grabbed a quick bite and then headed out to see Walk the Line. Wade’s parents had loaned us the audio CD of Johnny Cash’s autobiography, which we really enjoyed. We had been meaning to see the movie for quite a while but never seemed to have the time. We went, we enjoyed, and then we got milkshakes!

We got home at 10:30, but of course Madison was fast asleep. I recently got her a new pillow (which she has already put a hole in). Doesn’t she look cute?

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