My Disorganized, but Lovable Husband

Wade is known for forgetting things, or messing up small details. Tonight is a perfect example. He called me about 5:30 pm and asked if I would meet him for dinner halfway. It seems that a part he needed for work got shipped to our house in Atlanta instead of to his work in Anderson, SC. I just laughed, requested AppleBee’s, and agreed to meet him.

It all turned out fine, but let’s list similar incidents:
His newest wedding band was shipped to a nonexistent address (a combination of his Anderson and Atlanta addresses); a job offer was mailed to the same made up address; his table saw was on its way to Memphis before he realized it and “convinced” Amazon to change it to Atlanta; the list goes on and on. Mostly I just laugh.

  1. Blast you, woman! I haven’t seen Underworld 2 yet, and here you go saying things about who they did and didn’t kill without any kind of spoiler warning. I stopped reading your post right there, you spoiler-person you. I’ll read it later when I’ve seen the movie (and apologize then if it turns out I took those lines out of context).

  2. Um, okay, I thought I was leaving comments on the “My Night of Vampires” post… Guess not. Sorry about that. I don’t really consider your comments about Wade’s address difficulties to be spoilers.

  3. Sorry about that Rob. It was so obvious to me what was going to happen that I didn’t even consider it a spoiler. I will correctly edit my post now.

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