Ah, the Pressure is Gone

I talked to my boss today. I hate having to tell someone I am leaving. I always feel like I am letting them down or disappointing them. My boss was really cool. I told him that Wade got a new job in South Carolina and his immediate response was to say, “Congratulations.” That made me feel better immediately.

Then I proposed the idea of telecommuting. Anderson will be a little too far away to drive everyday, but I could do it once a week or on a need-to basis. My boss didn’t seem 100% sold, but he said he would check on it. Sadly, everything has to be run through Cisco so their feelings will also play a major part. My boss’s boss came by to wish me luck and I also mentioned the telecommuting to him. He seemed to think it was a great idea and immediately went to talk with my boss.

My fingers are crossed. We’ll see what happens, but at least I know they tried. Even if it doesn’t work out, my last day is now official and will be February 17th.

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