Oooh Aaah – Shiny

Today was a Holly Day. I got up around 9 am and then proceeded to watch TV and read my book until 2 pm (that’s right, no shower either). What a bum I am! While I was being a bum, I found a new want item. This ring has been moved to the top of my want-to-have-but-will-never-get list.
Just to prove my worth – After 2, I showered, bathed the dog, cleaned the house, did the laundry, ran errands, cooked dinner, and did some soldering for one of Wade’s projects.

  1. Valentine’s Day is coming up…maybe your Valentine will see this and get it for you! Or if not, you will have a birthday a little bit after that!

  2. I tried to “discreetly” point that out. I was told that maybe if I shut up about the ring it would one day appear. Of course, one day can be a very long time away.

  3. So, did your Valentine remember your request???

  4. I doubt he could have forgotten – I tend to mention the ring quite a bit. However, for Valentine’s Day I got a red quilt that I have also been dropping hints about 🙂

  5. Quilt sounds nice! Forgot to tell you that Nick and I made a lime green and hot pink fleece blanket with knots all around. (I chose the colors!) Good idea!

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