How Cool!

I have never cared too much about my cell phone. I almost always choose one of the “free” phones when I renew my contract. This year I saw the Motorola Razr and really wanted it. Of course, I couldn’t convince myself to actually pay money for a cell phone. Then everyone wanted a Christmas list – so I put the phone on there – and got it!

My new, skinny cell phone is awesome. I love that it is light weight and did I mention it is new? My old one was falling apart. Last night I had some time to kill so I tested out the Bluetooth connection. I had been told that my car and my phone would sink up. It’s awesome. I can push a button on my steering wheel and tell my phone to call “Mom”. Then I am hands free – without the annoying ear piece. I love this new phone! I’m sure I look funny just talking into space, but what do I care? This makes my driving much more enjoyable!

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