A Day Late

I started making my Christmas wish list a few weeks ago. I had decided that a new laptop would be great, but that meant looking for one (the part I hate). My current laptop is a Sony Vaio and I swore it was the last Sony laptop I would buy. But of course, when I was searching for a new laptop, I found a Vaio that was awesome – it was red! I got really excited about it and put it on my list. Then I tried to show it to Wade and it was gone. Evidently I had seen it the last few days it was listed for sale. Darn it! Now I can’t even find anywhere that has a model still in stock – especially in red. There is a new version out, but I don’t like it and it doesn’t come in red. The same thing happened when I was car shopping. I liked the older version that was no longer made. Obviously I am jut always a day late and a dollar short…

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