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Gobble Gobble

Wade and I decided not to begin our Thanksgiving drive until Thursday morning. We headed south on I-85, turned west on I-20 and promptly hit stand still traffic. We quickly found an alternate route and arrived in Memphis right on time.

Wade’s little cousins Marie and Tina were lots of fun and love to play hide-n-seek. We spent a lot of time in the backyard running around and up in Wade’s old tree house (that is until we broke the ladder). Wade’s Granny and Papa loved Madison – especially Papa. By Saturday morning when we left, Madison would just sit by Papa’s chair. Of course, he had been feeding her table scraps all weekend so that might explain a lot!

Thursday night we (Wade, Granny, Papa, Judy, Jerry, and I) gathered around the table to play Uno. I always enjoy the game, but this time was hilarious! Papa had a little trouble telling the difference between blue and green so Papa was allowed to play either and everyone else had to follow suit. Granny didn’t like this at all – she is a real card player and wants everyone to follow the same rules. In the end, Granny won three games and everyone but Wade won one. Poor Wade.

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