Dinner Out and Games Afterward

Since moving away from Midtown, I don’t see Steven as often as I used to. We do chat online quite a bit and decided to get together for dinner tonight. He recently visited Oregon for a job interview and I requested he bring me back a beaver. And he did!

After dinner, we started to play Nintendo – old school Nintendo. Bubble Bobble was the game of choice and we beat 99 levels (with the help of a few continues thrown in). The 100th level was the last and we tried and tried but didn’t quite beat it. I’m going to leave it on in the hopes that we do next time. I remember playing this game with Melissa and the help of the game genie way back when. Too bad I don’t still have that game genie.

  1. My fav quote from this post:
    “I don’t Steven as often as I used to”
    Apparently, Steven is now a verb, as well as proper name in Holly’s vocabulary. defines ‘steven’ as:
    \Ste”ven\, n. [AS. stefn, stemn, voice; akin to D. stem, G. stimme, Goth. stibna.] 1. Voice; speech; language. [Obs. or Scot.]
    Ye have as merry a steven As any angel hath that is in heaven. –Chaucer.
    2. An outcry; a loud call; a clamor. [Obs.] –Spenser.
    To set steven, to make an appointment. [Obs.]
    They setten steven for to meet To playen at the dice. –Chaucer.
    I doubt that this is what Holly had in mind when writing the post, but it certainly adds a new twist on the sentnce!

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