Madison / Wade / Toadfrogs

Want to Play Doctor?

It’s time for my second test in my EMT class. I have an eight hour class tomorrow and half of the day is dedicated to a written and a practical test. I’m not too worried about the written, but I haven’t done a lot of practicing for the practical – which is a run through of a patient assessment. We have a flow chart to follow and specific steps that have to be performed. Wade was a little late getting into town, but he willingly agreed to be a patient and then we didn’t give Madison much of a choice.

To get Madison to cooperate:

First, make sure she is good and tired.

Then she is extremely pliable. Here Wade is playing doctor.

And now it’s my turn. Wade and Madison as seen here have just been in a serious “leash accident.”

Update: I took the two tests. I got an 89.44 (the worst grade in the world – so close to an A) on the written and a 100 on the practical – thanks to my two patients!

  1. i will debate on a b+ being the “worst grade in the world”

  2. Just remember in the debate that this is a technical school and what kind of other students are in the class…

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