Wade / Holly / Toadfrogs

The Big Halloween Bash

I give credit where credit is due and Wade deserves full points for both of our costumes this year. I did a little of the labor on mine, but that was about it. Wade came up with the ideas and the know how to make them. Wade had to do quite a bit of assembly work on his costume after we arrived in DC but it was ready to go by party time.

We got out of the car and to the front door of the house when we realized Wade’s costume had quit working. He had done so much work on it that he refused to go in with a non-working Simon. He decided to go back to my Aunt’s and I went on into the party. I saw so many people I haven’t seen in a long time! Dave was back from hiking the AT, Katie and Jim both live in DC now, Jamie was down from Massachusetts, Rob (one of the hosts) and his girl, Matt and Kourtnee were newly married, Maren was newly engaged, etc.

There were some great costumes! My favorites were Rob as a transformer (Optimus Prime), Charlie as a pile of leaves, Matt and Kourtnee as a shotgun wedding, and Bonnie and Alex as Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Wade finally arrived at 12:20 with a working Simon and was an immediate hit. Sadly, Simon quit working after about 20 minutes. We had a good night – lots of candy, music, and friends. We left the party around 3 AM – pretty late for Wade and me. I love that party!

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