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Park ‘N Bark

Going away for the weekend has gotten much more difficult since Madison joined us. All of a sudden, going away means taking Madison with us or finding a place to board her. I don’t mind boarding Madison, but it’s inconvenient and expensive. Some places put them in cages and some give them runs. Some offer “play time” with other dogs and some charge for “lap time.”

The biggest issue in deciding where to board Madison is when I am going to pick her up. Most places close at 6 pm on Sundays so I would have to get her on Monday, but if I am working that becomes hard because I don’t get off work before they close. But I finally found a solution! There is a kennel called Park ‘N Bark. They are located three minutes from the airport and they are open till 10 pm seven days a week. I’m going to try it out this weekend when we got D.C. for the costume party so we’ll see how it goes…..

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