Talk About A Sure Thing

Wade got an awesome ego boost the other day. He was talking with someone at Tech and the person mentioned two job openings – one at the wood shop and one at AWPL (Advanced Wood Products Lab). Wade has worked at both places and would be qualified for both jobs. He also knows the people in the labs and doing the hiring. The person on the phone informed him that the resume on his website was out of date and asked him to update it and send it to them – they were using that to write the job descriptions. How cool is that?

Wade is just starting his job looking process. He would love to leave Atlanta (I’m kind of indifferent on the matter), but Atlanta has quite a few things going for it. Number one being I am employed here. We’ll see where the jobs take us, but at least he knows he has an offer somewhere. (Being at Tech would give him continual access to some awesome machines – which will definitely weigh into the decision.)

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