Bubba Speaks

I was sitting in my EMT class tonight and realized that I am one of three misfits. As a simple way to break down the group: of 35 students, 32 smoke. We have a break every hour and all 32 of them go to the one designated smoking area on campus. About 30 out of the 35 have no prior college experience. I am also one of the older people in my class. The oldest is a 50 something woman and everyone else seems to be under 21.

I overheard this conversation during a break and thought it was hilarious.
Boy says, “Are you a Christian?”
Girl responds, “Yes”
Boy says, “I think God put you in this class to help me pass.”
Girl says, “I know God put me in this class to finally pass it.” (This is her third try.)
Oh geez!

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