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Here we go a camping

Well we did it. This was the weekend we decided to go for a backpacking trip – a trial run for both Wade and Madison. We got up on Saturday morning, packed the backpacks, and drove to Pine Mountain, GA (near Columbus) to hike the Pine Moutain Trail. We registered with the park people and started hiking. We had a lot of fun – and saw a bunch of waterfalls. We kept Madison on the leash and she did fine – as long as she was in front. The only really funny incident was when we were playing in a stream/waterfall area. Wade had found a small deep pocket right before the waterfall. Madison was playing around and just walked right into it. Too bad the camera wasn’t on for that one!

We set up camp on the early side and built an awesome fire. We played Skip-Bo (and Wade won) and then sat and talked. Madison was asleep as soon as we stopped moving. She slept in the tent with us and woke us up around 7:30 when she suddenly went nutso. There were two Chow dogs off their leashes that had ventured near our campsite. She barked and growled long after they left – maybe she’ll be a guard dog yet.

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