Ambulance Driving

I had my first official EMT class last night. The instructor is pretty cool – funny and laid back. There are 34 students in my class, but I was told at the end of the quarter (this is a 3 quarter class) there will be about 25. I was making bets with my two new friends (and believe it or not, they are girls) on who wouldn’t last. One of the girls has an undergrad in Biology and is applying to med schools for next year. She is also recently married and her husband is a golf pro (he actually got a degree in that).

Anyway, I don’t think the class will be too hard (there are up to 2 re-tests on any test including the final). The worst part is that it meets from 6-10 two nights a week with occasional Saturdays. After working my 45 hours a week that is a little much. My poor puppy is already asleep when I get home. If everything goes according to plan, and we stay in the area – I will be certified and licensed (we got a lecture on the difference) by the middle of next June.

Oh yeah – and supposedly EMT people get very offended if you call them ambulance drivers. However, I still tell people that is what this program is for – so I can drive ambulances.

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