Madison / Wade / Holly / Toadfrogs

Splish Splash

Wade and I decided to go for a hike in northeast Georgia after church. Wade could easily get to Anderson (his home away from home) and I could just come back to Atlanta. It turns out Panther Creek Falls Trail was a little difficult to find, but we eventually made it.

This was a new experience for Madison. She was tugging on her leash but did pretty well. We eventually let her off and that was great. There were lots of streams and waterfalls, which she loved. She even fell in once and got carried away by the rushing water. There is a video of it (and other pictures) on Wade’s website. She got herself out before we had to go in and rescue her – poor puppy. The rest of the trip was uneventful. Madison jumped in the water anytime she could, but no more rushing water. She liked to be in the lead when walking on the trail, but she never got more then 10-20 feet in front of us.

At one point, Wade and I stopped for water (I was wearing my camelback) and Madison was sitting all cute watching us. I squirted some water out of it towards her and she started drinking too!

The worn out puppy slept the whole way home and only woke up for a bath before going to her crate for the night. Now we are talking about a weekend trip for next weekend.

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