GT vs. Auburn

Wade’s family (his mom, dad, and sister) came to visit for the long weekend. Wade and I both got off work early, and his parents arrived on Friday evening. We went out to dinner and then played dominoes – I won! His sister, Emily, joined us the next afternoon and we all got in the car to drive to Auburn. Wade’s dad and sister graduated from Auburn and Wade and I graduated from Tech. His mom tried to be impartial and root for both teams. We arrived in the early afternoon and revisited some old favorites of his dad. I am not a huge football fan, but I learned a lot about the game (Wade answered all my questions) and Tech won!!

I graduated three years ago, we were at an away game, and I still saw people I knew – how cool is that? We didn’t get back to Atlanta till 3:30 AM so most of Sunday was spent recovering and shoe shopping for Emily. Everyone left early on Monday and Wade and I spent the day relaxing. Wade’s parents took Madison with them. His dad is a vet and the plan is to spay her this upcoming week. It worked out great since I have a work retreat Wednesday through Friday and would have had to board her. Now I just can’t wait till she comes back.

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