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Fun in the Sun

I love vacations. Why do they have to end? I just spent a week in Florida with a bunch of friends РCori and Derek from California, Daniel from Alabama, Luke and Jamie from Atlanta, and Melissa (my sister) and Chris (her fianc̩) from Nashville. We had surprisingly great weather. (I was expecting another hurricane.) The days were sunny and the evenings had awesome lightning.

Madison came to the beach too. She loved being in a house with 9 people – talk about never wanting for attention. Luke got her a little too excited once, but overall she was very well behaved. We only took her to the beach one evening, but she seemed to like it. She would even follow us out into the waves.

One of my best friends from high school, Kate, lives in Ft. Walton Beach. She recently had a baby, Taylor, and this was the first time I got to see her. She was adorable and Kate looked great! It is so nice to know a local person when you are looking for good restaurants, especially seafood places.

We weren’t a very active group – being out all day in the sun is tiring. Not to mention the beach Bocci, Frisbee, and football tossing. We did go go-kart racing one night – Melissa and I both came in first in our respective groups. Dad would be proud. The rest of the evenings we had some heated Spades games and random movie watching.

Did I mention how much I love vacations – I had plenty of time to read and relax!

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