Uber Happiness

I came home from work last night to a very excited greeting. Normally that is just Madison jumping and whining and begging attention, but last night Wade was just about as excited. He finally finished his rough, rough draft of his thesis. He was happier than Christmas and Birthday combined. I swear he was almost jumping up and down and squealing like a girl (well, not really).

His dad recently mailed us some money to use for a celebrating-finishing-thesis. Although the money disappeared into Wade’s wallet and is long gone, we went out to celebrate. Wade wanted ribs so we drove to Corky’s, the only one in Georgia. (Wade is extremely picky and snobbish when it comes to BBQ. He feels he is an authority, coming from Memphis and all.) But wouldn’t you know, Corky’s closes at 9 and it was 9:12. Wade had to settle for O’Charley’s (another of his favorite’s) instead.

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