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Puppy Smurf

It was a nice relaxing weekend at the Burch house. Wade spent most of the weekend working on his thesis and I spent most of it doing nothing! We rearranged a lot of furniture (love our living room), spent Saturday at the pool, and then watched a bunch of movies. Oh yeah, and we dyed Madison blue.

Dyeing Madison had been in our jar of activities and was recently chosen. Wade bought some dye – essentially colored hairspray. We put Madison in the tub and turned her blue. Then we topped that off with a glitter layer. She was a pretty good sport, i.e. she just sat in the tub and watched us. Due to the torrential downpours we have been having, we had to give her a bath after getting some pictures. Madison has a doggie door and can go outside at will. That would have led to a dog dripping blue everywhere she went


  1. You are strange people. Strange strange people. awesome, too, but strange. Perhaps that’s why I keep you as friends.
    P.S. I like the “jar of things to do” idea, may have to use that one myself.

  2. […] I sent Wade to Walgreens for blue hairspray (remembering when we used some on Madison – see here). Amazingly, it worked! Teague was so […]

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