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Horsing Around

Wade and I have made quite a few trips to Memphis and Paducah lately so we decided one more wasn’t too much to ask. My dad was hosting a Harper Family Picnic and I wanted to attend. I got off work early on Friday afternoon just to beat traffic so of course, we hit traffic. We did get into Paducah in time to eat at El Chico – my all time favorite Mexican restaurant.

All day Saturday was spent at my dad’s house helping get ready for the picnic. There were fresh strawberries to cut, ice cream to make, and tables to set up. We got all of that done early enough to go for a horseback ride – Wade’s first. We debated which of the horses was the safest for Wade to ride and finally decided on the Arabian, Mia. None of the horses are regularly ridden so they tend to be a little head strong in the beginning. My dad rode Beau and I was on Trigger – my huge Palomino. Both Beau and Trigger need a strong hand and vigilant eye in the first lap or two – they tend to want to buck. We had a good time riding around the farm and Madison loved running behind. She tried her hardest to keep up, but couldn’t quite do it. She got a little close to Trigger and quickly learned to avoid her back hooves. The picnic was a lot of fun and old albums and family trees made their appearance.

Wade has been trading my fix-it projects in exchange for certain home cooked meals. We recently finished redoing the kitchen table and Wade wanted fried catfish for payment. I have never cooked catfish so I decided to go to an expert, my mom. My grandfather loves to fish and always brings home catfish so Mom’s had lots of practice. We invited my grandparents and Wade’s grandparents for lunch after church. It was great to see everyone and Wade seemed to love the food. My grandmother even brought some dishes she wanted to pass on to me. Then we stared our 5 hour drive home – yuck.

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