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Back Story

I am going to explain the title of my site simply because I like the story. My dad and Buddy Upshaw have been best friends since they were teenagers. They both went to the University of Kentucky and eventually settled in Paducah, KY. Buddy married Mary Anne and they had two sons – Ben and Matt. My dad married my mom and they had my sister and me. The four kids were born in three years, and I grew up thinking of the Upshaws as my second family. I am sure it was pure chaos when we were all together, but I only remember it as fun. My mom began referring to us collectively as “toadfrogs and elephants”. Over the years we have all accumulated numerous toadfrogs and elephants in various forms.

As our families have grown, we have simply added to the collective “toadfrogs and elephants”. This picture was taken last Christmas. The back row has Matt and his boyfriend Jason, my husband Wade and myself, Ben and his wife Stephanie. Melissa is sitting on the floor. She is getting married soon so next year’s picture will have her husband and we’ll have doubled the original number of toadfrogs and elephants.

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  1. […] and I spent the day celebrating Matt and Nathaniel’s wedding. (Matt is one of the original Toadfrogs and Elephants.) Wade and I flew in and met up with my mom and sister. We are all staying with Buddy and Mary Ann […]

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