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Tickets, Tickets, And More Tickets

When Wade took the boys to Chuck E Cheese last Friday, he mentioned that he had even looked into the Summer Pass to offset the cost. I had never even realized they had it has an option. Before I took the kids on Kaitlyn’s birthday, I did my research and realized a Summer Pass actually made a lot of sense for us. (I rarely buy passes anywhere. Normally you have to go two or three times to make it worth it and we never seem to make it to the same place that many times in a season.) In this instance, the Summer Pass was actually cheaper than what I would pay for a single visit. That doesn’t even take into account the other perks that came with the card. Now we have been multiple times in a just a week. The kids are in heaven. They get 250 game credits to split and we just stay until they are gone.

Alex has a favorite game – Despicable Me Jelly Lab. You strategically release a coin and try to have it land on a certain spot. If you get it right, then you get a card. Each card is worth 15 tickets, except the rainbow cards which are worth 30. If you get a “set of jelly” then you get 100 tickets. The catch here is that one of the jelly cards is incredibly rare – the peanut butter and jelly card.

Because of the nature of this game, Alex runs through his game credits incredibly fast. He’s pretty good about hanging out or helping the other kids with their credits. Kaitlyn and Ben tend to play all kinds of games. Some of those are very slow paced games.

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