Alex / Teague / Kaitlyn / Ben / Wade / Holly / Toadfrogs

Paddle Paddle

Today’s adventure was all Wade’s idea. He hyped it up and along we went. Wade and I were thinking we would rent three kayaks, but the littles had other ideas. Kaitlyn has had an irrational fear of small water craft since adventure camp several years ago. (She didn’t have a bad experience or even fall in the water, but has zero interest in being on the water.) Ben saw the paddle boats and that’s all he wanted. To make everyone happy, we ended up with one kayak and one paddle boat.

I remember taking paddle boats out when I was a kid. I remember them being fun, so maybe the adult I was with did all the work? Because this time I was the adult and they were hard work! It was a hot sunny day and I was worn out by the time we got back to the dock. Thankfully at the end I had Alex and Teague with me and I made them do some paddling.

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