A Story of My Village

Let me tell you a story about my awesome town. It starts with the end of the year class party for Ben’s class. We ended the year with quite a surplus of money and decided to make end of the year goody bags for the kids and give the teachers gift cards.

I stumbled upon the cutest Summer Buckets and managed to make them for the 17 kids on the budget we had. I was putting them together the night before the party and suddenly realized giving the kids open buckets of goodies to take home on buses and cars might not be the best idea. I had a roll and a half of clear gift basket wrap and thought that might be the perfect solution. I wrapped five baskets and decided that was the solution and I would finish up the next morning.

The party wasn’t till 10:30 so I didn’t start wrapping the buckets till Ben got on the bus at 8:30. I quickly ran out of wrap and realized I was in a bind. I had 7 more buckets and no store close enough to buy more that would be open before the party with enough time to get there, get home, and wrap the buckets. Then I thought of our local Facebook Buy Nothing page. I have mostly used it to give things away but people are always “wishing” for items. I posted a “time sensitive” wish and explained what I needed and that I needed it before 10. Within minutes, two people had responded with offers of rolls of the wrap. I went by both places, picked them up, and had the buckets ready in plenty of time. I love my town!

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