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Mother’s Day

Ben has been saying for days that he wanted to make me breakfast for Mother’s Day. I knew he was going to need some help so I kept waiting to see what was going to happen. Finally Alex offered to get up early and help him. They were cute trying to work together. Alex was grumpy and short on patience. Ben was his normal exuberant self. They did eventually figure out how to work together and delivered me some delicious double chocolate chip muffins.

The rest of the day was a lovely lazy day. We went to church where the moms were treated to bouquets of flowers and the children made treats for us in Sunday School. I had a wonderful nap when we got home and then my children gifted me flowers and chocolate. The day ended with a trip to my favorite Mexican restaurant. Perfection. (The picture of just the kids was the picture we sent to the grandmothers for Mother’s Day.)

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