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Baseball, Soccer, And The ER

Ben woke up feeling much better. He decided “no” to soccer (which I was glad to hear), but he did want to attend “opening day” for baseball. This usually involves a mini-parade, a ceremony, team pictures, pizza and hotdogs, and bounce houses. We went, ran into some friends, and stayed for most of the events. Ben seemed ready for the couch, but didn’t appear to be in any pain or severely itchy.

Then we got home just in time to rush off to Kaitlyn’s soccer game. This is one of the first game’s that Kaitlyn hasn’t played goalie, but she had a ton of game time and played great!

Kaitlyn and I were almost home when Wade called asking about Ben’s medication status. Evidently he was quite uncomfortable and warm. I had Wade give him a dose of Motrin and when I got home I was shocked at how his wrists were swollen in addition to his ankles and feet. In a few hours, he still had a fever, his back was completely covered in hives, and his bottom lip was quite swollen. I decided a trip to the ER was necessary. Things just seemed to be continually getting worse instead of improving.

Ben and I were at the hospital for eight hours. We did eventually get some answers. It turns out that Zyrtec takes 10 days to become effective. The doctor gave Ben a dose of Benadryl and we saw some pretty quick improvement. He recommended using that for the next few days. He also said it was normal to see symptoms worsening for the first 48 hours after the last dose of the antibiotic but then things should begin to improve. (That would be tomorrow morning for us.)

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