What A Day

When Ben came home from school yesterday, his arms, legs, back, and stomach were covered in what I thought were bug bites. Although they didn’t look like mosquito bites, he was scratching them. I put anti-itch cream on them and sent him to bed early last night because he was so grumpy.

This morning, some of the bumps were gone and new ones had appeared. He also had pinpoint red ones on his face. I then thought maybe it was Hand, Foot, Mouth. I called the pediatrician and they asked me to send some pictures. They evaluated the pictures and told me it was definitely not HFT, but probably a rash caused by a virus. They assured me it was fine to send him to school. Two hours later I got a phone call because his knees were so swollen he couldn’t walk. The nurse suggested I take him to the pediatrician. I made an appointment and we went right in.

He was diagnosed with serum sickness (caused by an allergic reaction to the antibiotic he was taking for an ear infection). I was told we could treat the bumps (which were actually hives) with Zyrtec and the joint swelling with Motrin. They gave him a dose of Motrin and we left to get something that always makes him happy – sushi!

By bedtime, I wasn’t sure what to think. Ben had spiked a fever, the bumps were spreading, and his wrists were swelling in addition to his knees. I called the pediatrician after-hours line, and after much consulting with someone else, the woman told me to keep giving him the medicine. I was to take him to the ER if his fever went up, breathing became difficult, or his mouth, lips, or tongue swelled.

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