Social Media

Alex has always been atypical when it comes to many teen things. (Video games of course being the exception.) He had no interest in having a cell phone for years after his friends. He was content with using his iPad when he was home or even his “phone” with only wifi service. He was in 8th grade before we got him a phone number and a phone plan and that was because several of his friends had android phones and that didn’t play well with his phone and the way they were trying to text.

Then comes social media. All of my friends complain about having to monitor their children on social media. Alex is very proud of the fact that he has zero social media accounts. He has no interest in them. He of course watches things on YouTube and does use Pinterest. (This is were he and his friends get a lot of their memes.)

In school last week, the teacher was going a little experiment and asked the kids to pick a side of the room based on whether they used instagram or twitter more. Alex just sat in the middle, which evidently was used both equally. I asked him if he spoke up about being the odd ball out and he said no, but I got a kick out of it. I’m sure he truly was an anomaly in his class.

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