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Jamboree And Cake Baking

Ben ended up with both tball and soccer scheduled for the same time this morning. I let him choose where we spent our time. He chose tball so off we went to a little league jamboree. The teams were very light on players, so I am assuming most of the boys went to soccer (there is a lot of overlap on those two sports). There were six stations set up and the six teams rotated between the six stations. It seemed like a great way to work on skills and everything moved pretty quickly so the kids rarely had a chance to get bored.

Then it was home for lunch and a nap for Ben. I started some yard work and Kaitlyn got ready for her playdate. Olivia arrived and they played inside and outside, repeat. They were into everything but had a great time. They did request to bake a cake so of course – chocolate cake.

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