Grafton - Oak / Wade / Toadfrogs

Oil Spill

I was driving Ben and Kaitlyn to swim lessons (about 25 minutes away) when I started to hear an odd sound coming from my car. It wasn’t alarming, but it was odd enough that I turned down the radio to be able to hear it better. The sound didn’t change, but when I stopped at the next stoplight, an error message flashed on my dash. It said, “oil pressure low.” The message went away as soon as I came to a complete stop. The same thing happened at the next stoplight. At this point, I called Wade to see if he thought I should turn around or keep going. He said to keep driving. Then he immediately called back to ask me the last time I had my oil changed. (It was 3 weeks ago.) He said it sounded like I was out of oil and to just watch my engine temperature.

When I got to the swim lesson place, I checked my oil. Wade was right. There wasn’t a drop of oil on my dip stick. I consulted with Wade and he said I might as well drive home, but just watch the engine temperature. Amazingly, the temperature never increased, but by the time I got home the noise my car was making was quite loud and concerning and every light on my dash was lit up.

Wade was waiting in the driveway. He had already cleaned up the oil all over the driveway and was ready to check out what was going on underneath. It turns out an oil line was cracked.

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