Kaitlyn / Holly / Toadfrogs

Lady Liberty

Today’s big planned adventure was a trip to the Statue of Liberty. Kaitlyn swears she missed it on our last trip. To make this one even better, I got us tickets to tour the pedestal. (I didn’t get tickets to the crown because I didn’t think Kaitlyn would actually agree to go that far.) We got an early start on the day and arrived everywhere early but that was no problem. We were simply ushered through early. We rode the ferry (which Kaitlyn definitely had second thoughts about), walked around the island, walked up the up and around the pedestal, through the museum, and rode the ferry back to Battery Park.

Kaitlyn rode the sea glass carousel and played in the park. Then we headed back to Times Square, lunch, and a few more shopping stops before we boarded the train for home.

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