Kaitlyn / Toadfrogs

The Big Apple

Kaitlyn and I explored NYC all day. Kaitlyn walked and walked and didn’t complain a bit. She even asked to figure out directions about halfway through the day and very quickly didn’t need the phone to have directions figured out.

We started the day with breakfast at McDonald’s and Kaitlyn thought it was awesome to have Coke with her cinnamon roll. Then we walked to the Empire State Building – just to look up from the street. The rest of the day we spent shopping – M&M store, Hershey store, Lego store, Toys R Us (in Macy’s) and the American Girl store. We snuck in a few stops for food – a hot dog from a food cart, a churro from the sidewalk, an early dinner at Serendipity with an amazing frozen hot chocolate, and then we were on our way to see The Lion King. Kaitlyn was enthralled and loved every minute.

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