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Practice, Practice, Practice

Kaitlyn moved up a level in cheer this year and it’s crazy. Practices went from one hour to two. Instead of two days a week, they practice three times a week. They also have a larger group with bigger girls so they are attempting more advanced routines. Kaitlyn is one of the smaller girls and has always loved being a “flyer.” That means she gets lifted up in the routines. It also means a ton of practice, which so far has not been an issue and has brought zero complaints.

The other thing I have enjoyed about cheer is how the older girls treat the younger ones. From the first year Kaitlyn cheered (four years ago), they have been awesome about welcoming the younger girls, teaching them, and including them. I would even understand if they were indifferent to them, but they go out of their way to include them. It makes such a difference to girls who are nervous or unsure in the beginning.

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