Grafton - Oak / Toadfrogs

Fly Birdie Fly

This story starts with my laziness. I had an Easter wreath on my front door and was quite lazy about taking it down. At some point I realized we were WELL past time it should have been down and I should really do something about that. I finally walked to the front door and swung the wreath down. The “swung” part is quite important here. When I swung it down, I saw something go flying and then saw bird eggs splat on my front porch. I immediately felt horrible. I had no clue there was a nest built in the very top of the wreath where I couldn’t see. I use the front door every afternoon to get Kaitlyn off the school bus and never had a clue.

A few weeks later, I was walking by the side of the house and I saw birds flying around my side porch. I got smart and wondered if those birds had built a nest in top of that wreath. I watched them and confirmed that they had. Since we only use the side door to retrieve packages, I didn’t think too much about it and continued with daily life. Late one night, I opened the side door to put some items on the porch for pickup. Normally the parent birds fly away when I open the door. This time, a bird flew in the house! It took Wade and I quite a while to convince the bird to go back outside. We had lights off, windows and doors open. I had a broom and he had a lacrosse stick. Finally Wade had to catch the bird and escort it outside. It had toured our entire downstairs before it went back outside. Now the door is entirely off limits to use.

I took a picture of the babies today to see how big they are and how close I am to being able to use my door again. It looks like I am getting close!

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