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Everybody Knows Ben

This actually happened a few weeks ago in church, but it took me a while to get the video. We sent the kids up front for children’s church and Pastor John brought out his puppet. My youngest two would not leave the puppet alone. They were touching it and fiddling with Pastor John’s robes. I’m thinking, why can’t my kids just sit quietly. Then Ben looked towards the back of the church and I saw the exact moment he realized there was a monitor and he was on camera. He took full advantage and treated everyone to his bootie dance. I was no longer embarrassed by the fact that he was messing with Pastor John’s puppet. Now he is forever known as the child that danced in front of church. Pastor John referenced that dance throughout the entire service – long after the kids were escorted downstairs for Sunday school. I also had numerous people I had never met, including the preschool director, come up and introduce themselves and ask about Ben…

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