Teague / Toadfrogs

Eagle Eye Teague

I was fiddling with my earrings as I was typing on my computer. Unfortunately, one of the backs fell off my earring, hit the floor, and bounced on the hardwood floor. Normally I wouldn’t mind and would just grab another. This happened to be my diamond earring which means it had a screw on back. Those backs are much harder to come by and not a universal fit. (I know by experience.)

I was on the floor searching when Teague came home from school. He joined me in looking and kept looking long after I gave up. He even got a flashlight to look into the cracks of our hardwood floors (think wide plank and old, old house).

Teague wins the gold star because low and behold he found that earring back. It had bounced behind the leg of my desk and he somehow found it. Amazing.

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