Grafton - North / Wade / Toadfrogs

Finishing Projects

Moving is forcing us to finish some projects that we hadn’t quite gotten around to completing. When we did the great room switch of 2018, we spent so many hours on the closet, floor, walls, etc. The only thing that remained unfinished was the crown molding. As soon as Wade started to do the demolition work on the old closet, which included taking down the old crown molding, he realized there was going to be a problem. He had hoped to save some of the trim and if he was really lucky then it would be easy to match in stores. Then he realized it was discontinued baseboard molding that they had used as crown molding. Wade finally came up with a crazy layering of boards to replicate the molding and you wouldn’t know the difference, but it was not easy! Why don’t people just do things the right way?!?!

The first pictures show a first attempt and the end pictures show what a close match he eventually created.

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