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Cakes – Bunny And Birthday

Today was all about the cakes. My mom is rarely with my kids around Easter but one of her favorite kid traditions is the bunny cake. I remember making it with her and I remember her making it with our neighbor’s kids when we got too old. She loves making it with the grandkids now. I am convinced she is super-Gram for cooking with all 4 of the kids. (I personally would have never attempted it and at least waited till Ben was napping.) She handled it like a pro and there was a cute Bunny cake at the end. I’m sure the kids will be asking for it next year.

Then it was time to celebrate my birthday. The kids were super excited – probably because Gram was in town! We had lobster rolls for dinner (yum!) and Wade procured a chocolate cake from a local bakery (also yum!). Then we put Ben to bed and opened some presents. The kids had helped wrap some of the gifts and Kaitlyn had made her own card (and didn’t mind translating for me). The boys had my most favorite chocolates ever (Trader Joe’s dark chocolate caramels). Wade surprised me with a new lens I have had on my list for over a year. It was a good year!

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