Grafton - North / Toadfrogs

Big Dreams

Wade and I did a thing. We bought a house. A second house. When we moved to Grafton, we were a little bit tight on time to find a house. We bought one we liked, but we quickly realized it wasn’t going to be a forever house. We have done quite a bit to our house to make it work for us. We have also tried to figure out how to make it work long term. We even found some good solutions, but they are fairly expensive and don’t solve all of our problems. We were getting really close to doing some major renovations on our current house to make it work for the next 5-7 years. Then last weekend we decided we might as well look at what was on the market for the equivalent of the renovations we were discussing. Imagine my surprise when the one house I have always considered my dream house was sitting at the top of the listing page!??! I immediately wanted to see the inside because rarely does the inside match my dreams. This time it was even better! I sent the listing to Wade and he scheduled a showing for Monday before he even finished looking at all the pictures. We both loved the house and immediately submitted an offer. We are now the owners of two houses – hopefully soon that will be down to one!

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