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Halloween Is Here

We love Halloween at our house! We were so excited this year to have Judy and Jerry join us for the holiday. Teague is in 2nd grade and still got to have a parade at school. A perk of having a costume that won’t fit on the bus is I got to be in his classroom and take a class picture. Ben and I cheered on the entire 2nd grade and loved seeing all the costumes. I purposely left Ben in his pjs all morning because skeleton pjs are his second costume and don’t get enough wear. The boys had a half day and were so excited to start trick or treating. We hd an early dinner and then visited the houses on our street. It was quite chilly but everyone had a great time. We left Ben at home with Granny before venturing to South street for the real craziness. It was too dark for pictures but we had a great night!

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