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Ecotarium Great Pumpkin Festival

Kaitlyn and I happened to be at the Ecotarium a few weeks ago and saw the decorations being put in place for the Great Pumpkin Festival. We both decided it was a must for this Halloween season. I knew Granny and Pop would be in town tonight and thought it might be a fun activity for us all. The kids wore costumes (not their “real” costumes due to the cold and the paint drying) and were prepared for some candy and fun. The carved pumpkins were amazing (until someone told me they weren’t all real!?!?!) and the kids had a blast. Kaitlyn was fascinated with the face painting and has now added a huge suitcase of face paint to her Christmas list. We ended the night with apple cider donuts from a food truck on our way to the car – what a perfect fall night!

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