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Better Late Than Never

Earlier this year we used a reward system with the boys and they both earned enough for a trip to see the Statue of Liberty. One thing lead to another and we never quite got there. This weekend we finally made it happen. Wade even found a co-worker willing to dog-sit a not-quite-housetrained puppy. We loaded up the kids after church and headed for the Big City. We stopped along the way at a hole-in-the-wall for dinner. (Yelp is one of my favorite apps while traveling. It makes finding awesome food in strange cities so easy. You can walk into a place you would never have known existed or have felt comfortable entering, especially with kids.)

We are at that weird place with 2 adults and 4 kids when it comes to hotel rooms. When we are staying a single night it seems like overkill to get a suite but most places no long have connecting rooms or will not guarantee them if they do. Alex and Teague aren’t old enough to be in a room alone. For now we get a room with two beds, bring a sleeping bag for Kaitlyn, and a pack-n-play for Ben. Then we hope for a room with some extra square footage. Tonight Wade took the big boys on a walk while I tried to get the younger two to sleep. Kaitlyn went right to sleep. Ben fought it for hours (which is completely unlike him at home).

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