Teague / LittleToadfrogs

June 21, 2018

Proudest Mom Moment – Teague’s latest black stripe.
Teague was sitting in board breaking class tonight and was doing a great job of sitting patiently throughout each student’s turn. He was clapping for every student and paying attention. He wasn’t fidgeting and had his back straight the entire time. Master Kim even commented on his good example several times. At the end of class, it was announced there was a gold medal for the student who had sat patiently, cheered for their friends, etc. I wondered if it might be Teague so I know he had to be thinking the same thing. Instead they called the little boy’s name that was sitting beside Teague. The minute the boy sat down with the medal, Teague leans over and gives him a high five. I was so proud of Teague because I knew he was a little disappointed. I couldn’t wait till class was over and I could tell him I noticed his behavior and was impressed that he made the choice to act as he did. Master Kim also saw Teague’s behavior and called him up in front of the entire class to hand out the black stripe. Awesome.

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