Grafton - North / Toadfrogs


I have mentioned that our moving was more than a little bit of a mess. We had a lot of damage and a lot of missing boxes. We settled with the moving company and have been working towards repairs on several items. I just received (yes – almost 10 months after the move) two of the repaired items back. This chest was completely refinished and looks much better than it did when I bought it (a win for me) and this tea service. The movers managed to break something (a handle, foot, hinge, etc) from every single piece of the tea service. I can only imagine what it cost to fix, but a wonderful silversmith was found (thank goodness we live in the area we do) and I now have a wonderfully restored antique tea service. The sad part is all of this was delivered about the time I have decided to get rid of my dining room. This house has a really odd floor plan and the dining room is in the very front of the house and the kitchen is in the very back of the house. I am one of those old school people that actually uses a dining room for every dinner, but even I found myself not wanting to carry dishes across three rooms every night. Wade and I keep discussing options but we haven’t figured out the perfect solution yet. This house has proven the most challenging in terms of deciding what we want long term for each room. The longer we live here, the more we change our minds!

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