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Change of Plans

When we bought this house, I debated a long time about which kids to put in which rooms. We eventually decided and moved forward. I painted the boys room before Ben was born and we have been waiting to paint Kaitlyn’s room until her closet was enlarged. As she was helping me put primer on the walls, I kept thinking we really needed to change the rooms. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to switch everything. And the more I wanted to do it before I put color on Kaitlyn’s walls. Swapping already meant I would have to repaint the boys’ room.

I talked to Wade about it. I talked to Kaitlyn about it. I debated whether to even ask the boys (and did finally call them). Everyone was good with my idea. Thus began the great bedroom swap of 2018. Kaitlyn and I continue with our primer and I added painting one more bedroom to my list of projects for the week.

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